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Circle of Light

Love Faith and Constancy will bring you your Kismet. It will give you a resolution like Poseidon and Holger Orc. It's the skipcode of red and white, the initiation of red and black. It's like ginger in your carbonated water. Love, faith and constancy will ultimately create your second nature - within the fourth dimension of the universe. Thank you universe for your treatments. Thank you universe for your circle of light.


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The Silent Force

The Silent Force is action in Michigan and love in Santa Fe. The Silent Force is the GreyNexus of Sedona. The Silent Forces is like a tonic for the soul. It's everlasting and evertouching. It brings vitality. It's the Mark Tau and the rebirth of Dionysos. Thank you divine. Thank you Solar-Logos. Love will unite the humanity. Love will unite the galaxy.